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so much drama in da MTC

so many good things have been happening lately....but it all comes with a price...i mean fuck i got my own place,my fat ass raise,my friends,so close to that licence,Dirty Sanchez is in full effect getting better every practice, so much more...but something still haunts me....YOU...

i shouldnt have told you...just strung you along instead fucked with yer head and left you wore out and used up
when i got through with you...that wouldve been better right
i wanted to be friends
i wanted t0 call you and you to call me
i didnt want to see you i didnt want to surround myself with that bullshit you do
i just wanted to be able to know everything was allright or when it wasnt i wanted to be a friend you could call...but youre to hatefull you talk to much shit you burn too many bridges...you drove me away then got mad when someone else picked me up....you knew it would happen just like itll happen to you....all you ever wanted was honesty
and i gave it...
im sorry i ruined everything but im not
good luck and goodbye
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what do you have to be dissapointed about?
stop pretending to care
i love you homeslice.
hearts for you.
Hello.. I liked your journal and I added you.
We seem to like a lot of the same music.
I hope you don't mind.


June 13 2003, 03:54:23 UTC 13 years ago


Here photos were taken from an Prestige Model Management site:
http://www.prestigemodels.net and the original photographer was Wanda Polak

She took the best ones, and claimed she was the photographer.
And that she was getting her masters photography, and already had her BA in web graphic design.

the "electra goddess" copywrited their photos as hers..

She stole "about my work" section from another photographer named
Wanda Polak... she just re-wrote the faq to make it look like hers.


Wanda Polak is partners with http://www.prestigemodels.net

If I were you (and would love to get her back), I would report it to Wanda Polak herself.

WARNING SITE CONTAINS NUDITY: http://wandapolak.com

Journal: http://livejournal.com/~electragoddess
Website: http://www.electragoddess.net
hellow i was wonderin if i can add you?
*sin lust and luck*
i cooled down
i don't hate you anymore
i couldn't say anything before because i was dating this asshole that wouldn't let me have any friends
he woulda got super pissed if i tried talking to you
but, he hit me the other day ...amoung other things so he's gone for good
i'm free now finally, it was hell
i just wanna say sorry for everything and i understand if you don't ever want to talk to me again
so i ran into blonde john the other day actually it was his birthday. he said you were looking for me. I was pretty confused to say the least...i dont really know why.. sorry to here about yer crackhead buddy hittin you..thats pretty weak...but umm i dunno i still live work and play in the clem...i dont do the whole computer thing but i guess if i see ya i see ya. thanx for the apology thats pretty cool...peace
call me sometime
344 5276
so i have email once again / crackpunx2@hotmail.com / email me sometime tell me whats up...
everything in the world comes with a price.
love the journal
mind if i add you?

josh... you are a fag and punk music sucks. watch out theres a box there. if only you actually read this, you would probably kick my ass at work.