Dumpster Diving For Babies (unseenpunk) wrote,
Dumpster Diving For Babies

hey hey hey goodbye

Ron Artest..... see you next year
Big Ben see ya in 6 games...
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Hey its Lauren...member from coney island? well i just wanted to let u know that Sally O Mally said hello, as well as Erin and Stephy. We were all talking about you the other day....so i just thought i would see how you were doing... u should come visit us one night at the coney or something...

ttyl. have a happy thanksgiving...

look who crawled out of the sewers for air! how the fuck have you been... i haven't looked at this site in so long. I'm married now and playing in lots of bands.. 7" coming out in the spring and i'm a tattoo artist now.. crazy! i tried to call you the last time i was in mt. clemens but you never called back you piece o shit! ... come and visit me down here in louisiana... me email is riotgrrrl39@hotmail.com and my ph# is 337-236-8631... get ahold of me fucker!
i found ur total chaos shirt a few months ago, just so ya know.
cooooooooooool =P
hey I was just looking through random sites and I saw urs. U are really hot and I was wondering if it woulfbe cool for me to add you tomy friends list.