Dumpster Diving For Babies (unseenpunk) wrote,
Dumpster Diving For Babies

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so much drama in da MTC

so many good things have been happening lately....but it all comes with a price...i mean fuck i got my own place,my fat ass raise,my friends,so close to that licence,Dirty Sanchez is in full effect getting better every practice, so much more...but something still haunts me....YOU...

i shouldnt have told you...just strung you along instead fucked with yer head and left you wore out and used up
when i got through with you...that wouldve been better right
i wanted to be friends
i wanted t0 call you and you to call me
i didnt want to see you i didnt want to surround myself with that bullshit you do
i just wanted to be able to know everything was allright or when it wasnt i wanted to be a friend you could call...but youre to hatefull you talk to much shit you burn too many bridges...you drove me away then got mad when someone else picked me up....you knew it would happen just like itll happen to you....all you ever wanted was honesty
and i gave it...
im sorry i ruined everything but im not
good luck and goodbye
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